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Why We Find Eating Desserts Irresistible

why we find eating dessert irresistible

How often did you indulge yourself in a big slice of that best chocolate cake you ever had, only to feel guilty afterwards? After all, you ate so many calories 'for no apparent reason'. However, even with our brain telling us "no", we still reach towards that second slice; our soul pretty much calls for it.

We do not really need a good reason to order that delicious serving of dessert. Still, if you are one of those people that feel guilty when they are craving strawberry shortcake, here’s some good news for you. If you crave it, it doesn’t mean you’re lacking in self-control. It just means that your body knows what it wants.

Can Eating Dessert Be Good for You?

We have all grown up learning that sugar is bad for us. And sure, it can be but the same thing applies to any other type of food that you abuse. Consumed in moderation, desserts can actually be good for you, and here’s why:

They Can Prevent Strokes

Are you a fan of dark chocolate? In that case, here’s some good news for you. If you eat a bit of dark chocolate every day, you reduce the risks of having strokes in the future. One thing that you should know is that your body always knows when it is predisposed to dangers. This is why you should listen to your body and get that chocolate in your system.

They Can Lower Blood Pressure

Not only does dark chocolate keep strokes away, it can also lower your blood pressure. Therefore, if you are known to have these kinds of problems, there is no reason why you should refuse your cravings for that delicious dark chocolate mousse. Relish in it because your body wants it.

They Make You Better in Bed

Have you been saying no to that slice of pumpkin pie because you are afraid of losing your six-pack? Well, here is the thing: pumpkin pie is packed with zinc, which is known to increase your testosterone. Moreover, the aroma of pumpkin pie is like an aphrodisiac, which can get you in the mood.

They Make You Happy

Whenever you have a bad day, you probably reach for that stash of chocolate cookies or that delicious durian cake that you love. And nothing makes you happier than eating from that Mother’s Day cake packed with love. Eating dessert brings a smile to your face and there is no reason why you should deny yourself that.

Why Do Desserts Make Us Happy?

There are various reasons why desserts make you feel happier, although no one can pinpoint the exact reason why. Some explain the 'sugar high' as happiness –positive energy that allows you to do anything that you may want. It “fires you up,” particularly after you tasted something so delicious.

With that in mind, there is also the fact that even though we know they taste good, we do not allow ourselves to have sweet things too often. We keep them for those rare occasions when we want to treat ourselves to something good – to something sweet. And since those moments are very rare, we look forward to them.

It’s not all the time that we can relish in that piece of the best chocolate cake that you ever tasted. This is probably why we break into a smile each time we see something sweet in front of us. We remember the delicious taste – the way it feels in our mouth and we automatically feel happy.

Plus, sugar intakes are said to increase your serotonin levels. This is why we crave chocolate so much when we feel stressed. Sugar and other foods rich in carbohydrates can raise our serotonin levels, balance our brain, which makes us feel better overall.

Why Do We Love Sweet Things?

We have a sense of taste perhaps like no other being on the planet. It is said that about half the population has a sweet tooth. We were all born with things we like or don’t like but the sweet tooth is pretty much universal.

Here’s the thing: the joy that you feel in your mind when you eat something sweet is created by your brain’s reward biochemical system. Basically, whenever you take a reward, you get that feeling of happiness in your brain. Since sweets are something you only occasionally indulge in, your brain perceives it exactly like a reward.

Looking at it from an evolutionary point of view, we survive based on the way we take energy from our diet. One of the biggest energy sources is found in carbohydrates which is what sugar is made of. And in order to maximize everything from it, we also raise our preferences in food based on the intensity of the sweetness.

In other words, craving that Mother’s Day cake is actually an evolutionary instinct made enjoyable. It is human nature.

And this does not only affect humans; it involves other mammals as well. The only species that do not have a sweet tooth are obligate carnivores, which don’t need plant-derivate carbs. Cats are an example – although we should not be surprised by this, based on what we already know about their pickiness.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it seems we have several reasons to love sweets. They keep us happy, they keep us healthy and if you ever felt guilty over eating sweets, you should reconsider that guilt. Sweets can be good for you as long as you consume them in moderation.


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