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Why We Find Eating Desserts Irresistible

why we find eating dessert irresistible

How often did you indulge yourself in a big slice of that best chocolate cake you ever had, only to feel guilty afterwards? After all, you ate so many calories 'for no apparent reason'. However, even with our brain telling us "no", we still reach towards that second slice; our soul pretty much calls for it.

We do not really need a good reason to order that delicious serving of dessert. Still, if you are one of those people that feel guilty when they are craving strawberry shortcake, here’s some good news for you. If you crave it, it doesn’t mean you’re lacking in self-control. It just means that your body knows what it wants.

Can Eating Dessert Be Good for You?

We have all grown up learning that sugar is bad for us. And sure, it can be but the same thing applies to any other type of food that you abuse. Consumed in moderation, desserts can actually be good for you, and here’s why:

They Can Prevent Strokes

Are you a fan of dark chocolate? In that case, here’s some good news for you. If you eat a bit of dark chocolate every day, you reduce the risks of having strokes in the future. One thing that you should know is that your body always knows when it is predisposed to dangers. This is why you should listen to your body and get that chocolate in your system.

They Can Lower Blood Pressure

Not only do