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Chocolate Cakes

Our chocolate cakes are made with only the finest ingredients, sourced with care to ensure unparalleled quality.
Rich, velvety cocoa blends harmoniously with premium butter, farm-fresh eggs, and creamy dairy to create a symphony of flavor that dances on your palate with every bite.


Is It True That Chocolate Cakes Make You Happy? 

You’ve probably heard many people claim that eating chocolates makes them happy. Turns out there’s some scientific evidence to back up these claims!

Did you know that chocolates are well-known to trigger endorphins when you consume them?

Endorphins are these interesting chemicals produced by our bodies to relieve stress and pain.

It’s no wonder people can’t get enough of chocolates! Just a small bite of chocolate is enough to lift your spirits with that mouth-watering tinge of velvety sweetness.

It is the go-to cake for any celebration be it a birthday, promotion, farewell, and Christmas.

If you aren’t sure whether the person(s) you’re buying the cake for enjoys durian, mango, or any other specific cake flavours, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate cake!


To this day, chocolate cakes in Singapore and across the globe are always popular at cake shops. You get to savour that rich sweetness and enjoy the happiness that comes with eating it! Yum!

What Type Of Chocolate Cakes Do You Have For Sale?

Our wide range of signature chocolate cakes is bound to satisfy the cravings of most, if not all chocolate lovers. Whether it’s chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, chocolate fudge or chocolate chiffon – you name it, we have it!

Are you a caramel addict? If you enjoy your chocolate cake with delicious crunchy caramel chunks, our Daim Choc Caramel Cake is for you. If you’re into nougats, well, have a taste of our creamy Choco Nougat Crunch Cake.

If your taste palate desires a more lethal dose of chocolate intensity, we have the Fudge Madness Cake and the Choco Truffle Cake. Multi-layers of rich, decadent chocolate flavours with soft and moist chocolate sponge cake, these cakes are not for the faint-hearted.

We also offer two eggless cake options – the Eggless Black Forest Cake and Eggless Brownie Cake. Black forest cakes have always been a very popular choice in Singapore and we’re proud to bring you an eggless version at Emicakes, with all its rich fruity glory complemented with intense sweetness.

Most of our cakes come in sizes 15cm (serves 5 to 8 people) to 20cm (serves 10 to 15 people).

If you are looking for an amazing chocolate log cake for Christmas, make sure to try our Truffle Sparkle log cake. 

What About The Premium Chocolate Cake Range?

We offer 3 cakes in our Premium Chocolate Cakes range – the Premium Ocean Dreams Chocolate Cake, the Premium Pure Addiction Cake, and the Premium Candyland Chocolate Cake.


All 3 cakes come with premium chocolate pieces and chunks, combined with soft and fluffy chocolate chiffon cake.

Truly the best of the best. These cakes will satisfy the intense cravings of the chocolate addict who wants more with every bite.

So Emicakes Offers The Best Chocolate Cakes In Singapore?

You bet! Since our launch in 1992, Emicakes has been a famous household brand name in Singapore, with more than 20 years of exceptional cake baking experience under our belt. We are about quality and only deliver the best of the best to our customers!

Emicakes has had a long-standing tradition of handcrafting every single of our signature cakes, from sourcing the best and freshest ingredients to ensuring the final cake out of the oven meets our highest standards. The rich intense aroma and addictive flavours of our cakes are bound to tickle your taste buds!

Thanks to the passion we have for our cakes, you can savour every bite knowing we spared no effort in baking the best quality chocolate cakes for our customers. So whether you’re planning for a birthday party or just want to indulge in a delicious chocolate cake by yourself (we’re not judging!), feel free to browse our mouth-watering chocolate cake catalogue and select the one that satisfies your cravings best! :)

Sounds Great! I’d Like to Place An Order! Do You Offer Delivery For Your Cakes?

Of course! If you’re unable to make it down to our outlets, or if you’re arranging a special delivery to an event, we’re more than happy to bring our cakes to you. Just click through the options for your selected cake on our website, add it to cart, and on the check-out page, you’ll be able to choose the delivery time and method for your cake. Just fill in the necessary information and we’ll do all the hard work!

We offer free delivery services for cake orders above $50 for non-CBD areas, and $60 for CBD areas (nett purchases only). We have two available delivery time slots for you to choose from: 9am to 3pm and 1pm to 6pm.

We generally require a 3-day lead time for all cake orders, but we also offer same-day deliveries (cut-off time at 2pm), at additional costs. Do note that our delivery schedule is subject to driver availability and available stocks.


Please contact our HQ at 6331 2281 for same-day delivery enquiries.

You can also refer to our delivery FAQ page for further details. We hope to hear from you soon!

What Kind Of Payment Methods Do You Use?

We only accept credit or debit cards for our website.

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