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Emicake Supports Earth Hour

Climate change has been causing big problems for our planet. It makes the weather act in extreme ways, causes the sea to rise and disrupts the ecosystem. 

Earth Hour is a special event that helps us pay attention to these issues and do our part in saving planet Earth.

What Is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a special time when people around the world turn off their lights for one hour. This is done to show we care about our planet and want to protect it. 

It happens once a year and is a way for everyone to help fight against climate change by saving energy.

How Did Earth Hour Come About?

Earth Hour is a worldwide event created by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) that brings people together to help the environment.

It began in Sydney Australia in 2007 when people turned off their lights for one hour. Now millions of people across over 185 countries join in to do their part for the planet. 

Earth Hour has evolved to even help change laws by showing leaders how many people are willing to take action for the environment. 

This simple act of turning off lights for one hour remains a powerful symbol of our commitment to the earth.

When Does Earth Hour Take Place?

Earth Hour takes place annually at the end of March. The event starts at 8:30 PM local time when people are encouraged to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour.

The end of March signals the start of spring in the north and autumn in the south. This means the sun sets at about the same time in both hemispheres, making it a perfect time for the whole world to turn off their lights together and create a big impact.

The Benefits Of Joining Earth Hour

1. Saving Energy Helps The Planet

When we turn off our lights for Earth Hour, we use less electricity. Using less electricity means less pollution in the air. 

This helps keep the environment cleaner and protects wildlife.

2. Bringing People Together

Earth Hour is a time when people all over the world do the same thing at the same time to show they care about the Earth.

This makes everyone feel like they are part of a big, global family working together to help our planet. 

It's a way to show that when we all work together, we can make a big difference.

3. Inspiring Us To Do More

Earth Hour isn't just about turning off lights for one hour, it's also about thinking of ways we can take better care of our planet every day. 

It encourages us to make changes in our lives that are good for the environment, like recycling more, using less water and choosing greener modes of transport. 

These small changes can add up to a big impact if we all do them together.

What Is Emicakes Doing For Earth Hour?

Join Emicakes in celebrating Earth Hour with sweet savings!

From March 21-23, embrace the spirit of our planet at all Emicakes retail stores and enjoy a 15% discount on your favorite cakes. 

Let's turn off the lights, save energy and indulge in deliciousness. 

Check out the locations of all our stores here


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