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11 Gifts You Should Avoid Giving for Christmas

christmas gifts

Christmas season is coming near, and we all think about what presents we should get for our loved ones. In our quest to find the perfect items, we don't really think about what we should not give. To be sure you don't spoil a loved one's Holidays, here are some gifts you should avoid giving for Christmas.

1. Cleaning Supplies

It might seem like a useful gift to you, but most people will not share your opinion. Here is what happens when you give household cleaning products as a gift.

First, you are basically saying "I had no idea what to buy you, so I just grabbed the first thing on the shelf." You are giving away the fact that you are unoriginal, not even bothering to think of a proper Christmas gift.

Secondly, it might imply that you don't think they are cleaning their house enough. You might end up accidentally offending them instead of making them happy. This brings us to the next point.

Christmas gifts are supposed to make people happy. Sure, cleaning products make life easier, but no one feels happy when they think about cleaning.

If you want to take the initiative, get them a proper gift and help do the dishes after Christmas dinner. Your friends and family will surely appreciate the thought.

2. Cash Envelopes Instead of Giving Gifts

As kids, getting money in an ang bao may have seemed like the perfect gift (if your parents didn't take it for "safe keeping"). That being said, if the recipient is an adult, it might not be as well-received.

When you give cash away as a Christmas gift, it will show that you did not put much thought into picking something out.

People appreciate it more when they see you actually try. Unless it is culturally appropriate to give cash, you should stop giving gifts in the form of money.

3. Underwear Garments

There's a reason why underwear pieces are called "unmentionables." Sure, it might seem like a sexy gift for your girlfriend, but save it for Valentine's Day.

It might be very awkward to open that gift in a room full of family members. Plus, you might end up getting something they don't feel comfortable wearing.

Underwear is a personal kind of purchase. They might feel good shopping for it themselves, but it may feel awkward coming from somewhere else.

4. Clothing Pieces

Whenever you run out of ideas, you immediately think about clothes. That being said, this may not be such a stellar idea, as it may get complicated.

For one, everyone has their own style. You might like the piece, but they may not want to wear it. Plus, you can get the wrong size, which will sadden or possibly offend the recipient. Oh, don't forget the hassle of having to return the gift and get the correct size.

5. Gift-Giving Pets

Perhaps you are a pet owner, and your loved ones always come around to play with them. Thinking that they want a pet themselves, you get them a little fluffy buddy.

Unless they specifically tell you that they are looking to get a pet, you should not give animals as a gift. It may seem like a sweet gesture, but it takes great responsibility to take care of a pet.

Not everyone is ready to take on this responsibility. You are giving them a life to take care of. While they may find the pets cute in the beginning, they will soon find out how restraining that is.

6. Holiday Season Souvenirs

You may think that your friends will find it cute that you thought of them during a vacation. However, many people don't want cheesy gifts from a place they never even visited.

Sure, they might be fun to get if it's during any other time of the year. But during Christmas, it may even be disappointing. No one really wants miniature license plates or cheesy keychains as holiday presents.

7. Weight Loss Products and Exercise Gear

Tell a person they are fat without telling them that they are fat. This is what will happen if you give these kinds of Christmas gifts.

Unless the person you give the fitness gear to is already a gym enthusiast, this type of present is a bad idea. Motivating your family and friends is good, but you should re-think giving these gifts over Christmas.

Christmas is the time for indulging in festive treats and yummy log cakes. Save the dieting for the new year.

8. CDs and DVDs as Christmas Gifts

You may have come across this cool CD with bands that you think they will love. Or maybe you found a DVD with a movie right up their alley.

This may have been a nice surprise in the past, some ten years ago. However, no one really uses CD and DVD players anymore. They are dated and have been replaced with streaming platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and so on.

If you absolutely want to give them the gift of music and movies, you can offer them a subscription instead on Spotify. For example, you can create a Netflix account for them in your family plan. This will be much more appreciated.

9. Anti-Wrinkle Products

Perhaps you notice that a friend of yours is starting to get wrinkles and want to be thoughtful. Two things can go wrong if you go for this type of Christmas gift.

First, your friend may have not noticed, and you pointing it out will only make them want to dig a hole and stay there. You are practically telling them during Christmas that they are getting old.

Secondly, they may have noticed, but they hope it's not visible enough to others. This present may confirm to them that the wrinkles are indeed visible.

Rather than making them happy, it will only make them feel more depressed and self-conscious.

10. Air Fresheners and Room Deodorizers

Air fresheners for Christmas are the equivalent of breath mints in a fancy box. Even though you just wanted to be kind or gift them this incredible aroma, they may take it personally.

Air fresheners and room deodorizers may take on a negative connotation. You may imply that their place always smells bad, which is why you decided to gift them this for the holidays.

Plus, scents are personal nowadays. You may like your room smelling like flowers, whereas others may want to go natural.

If you absolutely want to give them scents, go for things such as scented candles. Avoid giving deodorizing items as gifts.

11. Money Donations For A Cause

Thinking about giving money to a cause with their name on it? You may want to rethink that gift. Unless you are sure that they support that cause, these gifts are not that appreciated.

For example, they may love pets, but this may not be a good excuse to donate to the pet shelter. Maybe they believe more in supporting the local hospital for children.

Giving money for Christmas is weird enough as it is. However, if you want to do that, just give it to the recipient instead. They will be the ones to choose who they want to give the money to.

The Bottom Line

Christmas is a time when we want to make the people in our lives feel happy. The wrong presents will significantly tone down the mood.

Be careful with the gift you choose. This way, they will remember it as a good experience rather than a bad one.

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