Log Cake Collection

Make your Christmas extra special by indulging in our delectable selection of log cakes

Christmas Delivery Policy: 23-25 Dec 2020, anytime 9am-6pm, no specific timing, due to heavy delivery schedule

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How Did The Log Cake Come About?

Based on an old tradition where burning a yule log brings good luck to the family, it is now presented as a delicious log-shaped sponge cake in an assortment of flavours.

Your Christmas celebration is never quite complete without a log cake. ​

Why Is The Christmas Log Cake Popular With Singaporeans?

Having a log cake during a Christmas celebration is gaining in popularity in Singapore.

Given that many of us have a sweet tooth and love a good slice of cake, a log cake makes the perfect way to end a Christmas lunch or dinner.

Not only does the log cake make a good dessert, it is also a great gift idea during Christmas.


What Log Cakes Are Available For Sale? 

It can be easy to be spoilt by choice when it comes to choosing your log cake at Emicakes.

We have a wide range of log cake flavours to satisfy the taste buds of everyone.

If you want to stick to the crowd's favourite then the chocolate log cake would be your best bet. If you are looking for something more exotic tasting you can try our popular durian log cake or choco nougat surprise log cake or choco caramel dazzle.

You can't go wrong with either one of the three.

(Unfortunately, tiramisu log cake is out of production)

Do You Offer Delivery For Your Log Cakes?

Yes, we do, as we understand that our customers might not always have the time to self-collect their orders.

Our friendly delivery staff with send your order to the address as  indicated in your order form.

In the event that you do wish to collect your order from any of our outlets, that can also be arranged.

Best Log Cake In Singapore?

No doubt that there are many good log cakes being sold, we consider our log cakes as one of the best that you can get.

We use the freshest of ingredients and a large portion of our cake making process is painstakingly by hand. 

In addition to this, we have been in business since 1992, we do know a thing or two about making the best cakes in Singapore :)