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Log Cake Collection

Make your Christmas extra special by indulging in our best selection of Christmas log cakes

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As we approach the end of the year, we all know what this means. It won't be long until Christmas is here. 

But how do you make the most of Christmas celebrations? That's simple, you eat.


No Christmas is complete without one of the best log cakes in Singapore from Emicakes.

What Is Christmas?

Christmas is the annual holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Celebrated on the 25th of December, the annual holiday takes place for three days.


During these days, we sing carols, drink eggnog, and eat chocolate log cake.

Depending on the religion, Christmas is also referred to as Yule. The festival took place after the midwinter solstice, celebrating the sun's return as the days started getting longer.

During Yule time, people would celebrate and eat for a total of 12 days. This is where the saying "12 days of Christmas" actually comes from.

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

We celebrate Christmas for various reasons. Firstly, it is the anniversary of the birth of Jesus. Christmas is the "Christ mass," which translates into the mass ceremony for Jesus.

However, Christmas festivities started even before Christ. When paganism was the dominant religion, the holiday would be called "Yule."


During this time of the year, people would celebrate it as the season with the shortest days. Once Christmas passed, with the offerings made, the days would become significantly longer.

How Did the Christmas Tree Come About?

Stories say that the first Christmas tree was raised in Germany, during the Middle Ages. It was meant to represent the tree of knowledge and prosperity, with the first indoor tree decorated with various sweets, roses, apples, and wafers.

Nowadays, we rarely see sweets on Christmas trees anymore.  That being said, Christmas trees (specifically, Yule trees) contained fruits and sweets to celebrate the coming of spring.

Some associate the Christmas tree with the Yule log. Originally, the yule log was believed to be an entire tree, ceremoniously brought into the home. This log would burn in a hearth, warming up the home as winter was making its course.

How Did The Christmas Log Cake Come About?

Based on an old tradition where burning a yule log brings good luck to the family, it is now presented as a delicious log-shaped sponge cake in an assortment of flavours.

Others say that the first Christmas log cake was believed to be made in France, somewhere in the late 1800s. The cake was made by a pastry chef that wanted to create a sweet version of the Christmas log.

The most common combos include chocolate buttercream, durian, or chocolate sponge cake.

There can be different variations, so you can see anything from rich chocolate sponge cake to lemon cheese frosting delicacies.


Chocolate ganache is popular in the fillings, but you can also find sweet creations filled with coconut cream and fruity flavors.

Why Is The Christmas Log Cake Popular With Singaporeans?

Having a log cake in Singapore during a Christmas celebration is definitely gaining in popularity.

Given that many of us have a sweet tooth and love a good slice of cake, a chocolate log cake makes the perfect way to end a Christmas celebration.

Not only does the log cake make a good dessert, but it is also a great gift idea during the Christmas season.


What Log Cakes Are Available For Sale? 

It can be easy to be spoilt by choice when it comes to choosing your log cake at Emicakes.

We have a wide range of popular flavours to satisfy the taste buds of both young and old.

If you want to stick to the crowd's favourite then the chocolate log cake would be your best bet.


If you are looking for something more exotic tasting you can try our popular Durian log cake or Eggless Choco Christmas log cake or Truffle Sparkle.

You can't go wrong with either one of the three.

(Unfortunately, tiramisu log cake is out of production)

Where Can I Buy A Log Cake In Singapore?

Our log cakes will start going on sale from 9th November. Do get your Christmas log cakes early as they tend to get sold out pretty fast.

Do You Offer Delivery For Your Log Cakes In Singapore?

Yes, we do, as we understand that our customers might not always have the time to self-collect their yule log cake.

Our friendly delivery staff with send your order to the address as indicated in your order form.

If you wish to collect your order from any of our outlets, that can also be arranged.

Best Log Cake In Singapore?

No doubt that there are many good log cakes being sold, we consider our log cakes as one of the best that you can get.

We use the freshest of ingredients and a large portion of our cake-making process is done painstakingly by hand. 

Emicakes have been making cakes for our customers since 1992. So we do know a thing or two about making the best cakes in Singapore :)

Different Types of Log Cakes in Singapore

Christmas log cakes come in various types, depending on your personal preferences. Here is what you will likely come across in Singapore when you are looking for a log cake.

Chocolate Yule Log Cake

The chocolate-filling log cake, with a pillowy chocolate sponge and luscious chocolate frosting, is likely the most popular choice in terms of log cakes. Since logs are supposed to be brown, the chocolate log cake will mimic that color from the inside out.

Durian Log Cake

If you are looking for a more traditional Singapore taste, then durian log cakes are the more appropriate solution. This one can be a chocolate log cake, but instead of a chocolate interior, it was given durian filling. The frosting is usually shaped to look like tree bark.

Vanilla Christmas Log Cake

Vanilla log cakes are also a staple for Christmas enthusiasts, as they resemble snow-covered logs. They can have a vanilla sponge with lemon or coconut mousse. The idea is to make these cakes as white as possible.

Lemon and Cheese Log Cake

For those with a slightly sour tooth, lemon and cheese log cakes are also popular. These cakes have a lemon curd and chiffon cake wrapped to look like a log.

Chocolate Hazelnut Log Cake

The chocolate log cake with hazelnut filling is also very popular around Christmas. These cakes have a silky mousse wrapped in a cake sponge, often glazed with white or dark chocolate.

Chocolate Gingerbread Yule Log Cake

One more classic is the chocolate gingerbread log cake. This one has many yummy spices inside, fitting for the festive season. People often add ginger and cinnamon, ending with a glassy chocolate glazing.

Strawberry Log Cake

Strawberry log cakes are great for those that like fruity flavors. Wrapped in a vanilla sponge, they usually have white chocolate glazing and a lemony taste.

Blackberry Log Cake

Blackberry log cakes are the perfect choice for those who like a stronger aroma and dark colors. These cakes usually use chocolaty layers and are covered with dark chocolate glazing.

Apricot Log Cakes

Apricot log cakes have a "Christmasy" taste, making them great for the season. Usually, these cakes feature spiced apricot confiture and are wrapped in a vanilla sponge.

How Do People Celebrate Christmas in Singapore?

Many Singaporeans celebrate Christmas by spending time with their family and loved ones. But of course, we must not forget our two favourite past times as well, eating and shopping. 

The Christmas log cake is the most popular type of cake during this time of the year. People buy these cakes for themselves or for their loved ones to enjoy.


After that, they visit Orchard Road to take in the festive light decorations which is always spectacularly lit.

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