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CNY Goodies Collection

Satisfy your Chinese New Year goodies craving with our wide selection of mouth-watering and yummy snacks!

Give our Chinese New Year snacks a try and you'll know that your taste buds won't be disappointed with every bite!


The Importance Of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in Singapore is no doubt the most important celebration in the Chinese Calendar. It marks the start of the Lunar New Year.


The one festive season that has us spring cleaning our homes, stocking up on Chinese New Year goodies and wearing auspicious coloured clothing.

This occasion celebrates prosperity, good health and good luck.

Why CNY Goodies Are In Demand

For those that celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore, feasting on delicious evergreen goodies is a must. 

Visiting family and friends is a common practice during Chinese New Year. And feeding your guests with a wide array of delectable snacks is the gracious thing to do as a host.

When Is A Good Time To Buy CNY Goodies In Singapore?

Our customers usually start buying Chinese New Year goodies 1-2 months before the actual day.

This is to ensure that you can secure the required quantity for gifts or personal consumption.

What Type Of CNY Goodies Do You Sell

We prefer to stick to the traditional classics and crowd favourite Chinese New Year goodies that everyone knows and love.


We have our best pillow pineapple tarts, open face pineapple tarts and 'melt in your mouth' kueh-lapis.

Our pineapple tarts are generously filled with pineapple fillings together with melt in your mouth pastry.

Are Your CNY Goodies The Best In Singapore?

We aim to give our customers the best CNY goodies made from premium ingredients when you order from us.


We want you to feel the comforting and familiar mouth-watering goodness with every bite.

Try our delicious goodies today!

What CNY Goodies Will You Recommend If I'm Buying As A Gift?

You can't go wrong getting our Pineapple tart and Kueh Lapis bundle pack as a gift set.


Our CNY goodies are made to be the perfect Chinese New Year Gift. 

Each order comes in a stylish looking gift paper bag and the CNY snacks are kept fresh in a beautifully decorated tin that showcases the Chinese New Year Spirit.

When Will You Stop Taking Orders For Your Goodies?

As of now, we are taking orders as long as we can fulfil the requirements with our current inventory and delivery schedule.

We will inform our customers when we can no longer accept any new orders.

Buy Your CNY Goodies Online In Singapore

Given how crazy and busy a period Chinese New Year can get for Singaporeans, why trouble yourself by squeezing with the crowds.

Make it a breeze to buy all your Chinese New Year goodies Online In Singapore. 

With our quick and easy online checkout process, we make buying your favourite Chinese New Year festive goodies hassle-free.

Once your order has been paid for and confirmed, you will be receiving your orders delivered right to your doorstep based on your preferred delivery date.

So sit back, relax, snack and have a great CNY!

Do You Offer Delivery for Your CNY Goodies?

We offer free delivery for orders that have a minimum spend of $50. You can also choose to collect your order from any of our outlets located islandwide.

We also offer same-day delivery with certain terms & conditions.

Check out our cake delivery FAQ for more information.

So order CNY goodies with us today to avoid disappointment while stocks last!

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