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10 Great Tips for Hosting The Perfect Baby Shower Party

tips for throwing baby shower singapore

A baby shower is a big celebration you want to remember for the rest of your life, and why not? You don't usually host baby showers every day.

Planning a baby shower is no different than planning a wedding. Making a guest list, invitations and deciding on a menu can make you scratch your head.

The secret behind hosting a perfect baby shower is to plan. Setting up a checklist for the occasion can make throwing a baby shower exciting and stress-free.

Don't worry, we're here with all the Do’s and Don'ts to help you throw a perfect baby shower.

1. Start with Picking a Date 

Some families host the baby shower before the newborn’s arrival, while some parents like to wait until their baby arrives who will then be the guest of honour at the party.

Usually, pregnant moms favour having her shower when she is about eight months pregnant.

This gives her a lot of time to plan gifts for the shower and choose what she'll have to buy before the little one shows up.

2. Plan a Guest List 

Again, ask the new mother-to-be and family for the guest list. Don't fail to include any close co-workers and childhood friends as they also may have been waiting for this day like you. Also, make sure to have each guest’s full name and address.

The new parents can be a great help while planning the guest list. This can help ensure that no important person is missed. Traditionalists lean toward a women-only event, while modernists accept that the dad should also be welcomed.

3. Sending Out Invitations

It's wise to send out invitations about six-seven weeks before the baby shower. This will give people enough time to reserve dates, shop for gifts, RSVP, or find a sitter.

Although a telephone call may be enough for an invitation for a casual shower, go with the written invites if you're hosting a more formal baby shower. It will be best to send hand-written notes as written ones add feelings and emotions and keep the excitement and momentum of the event going.

4. Settle for a Theme 

One of the first calls a host should make is the perfect theme for the baby shower. A party theme can carry a stronger sense of festivity to the event.

Creative and thoughtful ideas can make the party unforgettable. Choosing a theme makes it simple to pair all the details together.

You can keep it basic or extravagant depending on your pocket and choice. The upside of having a theme is that it makes other things such as decorations, food, and games easier to plan.

For instance, the mom can fancy a neutral theme if she doesn't want to announce the baby's gender.

5. Choosing a Venue 

Take the weather into account, the guest list, and your spending plan. It is cosy to host a baby shower in your living room or garden, and you won't even have to pay a fee for space.

Think of a close-by restaurant or a hotel if you have an enormous guest list and are not on a tight budget. Their staff will oversee the arrangement, cleanup, and catering so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the event. 

If you're throwing a shower during the cooler Singapore months, parks can be a decent choice. Just ask your local parks office if you need a permit and be ready with a backup plan if it rains.

6. Choosing a Menu

When hosting a baby shower, pin down all the details two weeks before the shower. Pick foods that are easy to cook, such as homemade pizzas, grilled salads, vegetable tarts, etc. 

You can either hire a catering service or take care of this yourself.

Or you can ask guests to bring a dish to share. When planning the menu, find out if any guests have special dietary needs, and do not forget to take care of those.

Serve some of the mother's favourites or choose the menu that goes with the colour palette or theme. Don't hold back on drinks; serve tea, punch, soda with some light snacks. 

7. Decor

Using basic DIY techniques, you can make fantastic party decorations like banners and glimmer cards out of hardly anything. You can also buy decorative pieces at a fair price from your local thrift shops.

While setting the stage, try focusing on critical details such as something for guests to see when they walk right in, a lovely buffet table holding charming gifts. Pair gorgeous flowers with pretty books. This gives a gentle, glamorous, and sophisticated vibe.

Putrescible items like flowers must be bought or arranged by a nursery not more than a day before.

8. Bake a Cake

Try naming an event that is complete without the sweet aroma of freshly baked cakes. Can’t think of one? That’s because there aren't any. So don't forget to get a cake for your baby shower.

It’s great if you love baking your own cakes, but assuming you're ordering one, place it a week before the event so the baker has enough time to make it for you.

Our lovely chocolate cakes or famous eggless cakes are always a favourite at parties.

Display the cake, sweets, and desserts in one spot and use a cake stand for full visual effect.

9. Gifts, Favors, and Thank-You Written Notes

 A party favour is an excellent way of thanking your guests for their presence. It doesn't have to be that expensive or lavish; just make sure it sticks with your party theme. Homemade chocolates, scented candles, cosmetics, pissaladière make for excellent party favours.

Pick the ones that can be remembered for a long time. Buy them a week earlier and pack them in stunning goody bags with names.

Also, you may need to compose hand-written thank you notes, so begin to write the baby shower notes a week later. Customise your cards to thank your guests, telling them that you enjoyed their presence, and append a little gift based on your budget.

10. Plan Party Games

Party games set the mood for the event, making it fun and exciting for the guests. Organise a few enjoyable games so that the mother has enough time to interact with the guests or open presents.

Give careful consideration to which games you will play and ensure that they aren’t boring or humiliating. Also, don't forget to buy ample rewards for the winners.


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