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10 Great Tips for Hosting The Perfect Baby Shower Party

tips for throwing baby shower singapore

A baby shower is a big celebration you want to remember for the rest of your life, and why not? You don't usually host baby showers every day.

Planning a baby shower is no different than planning a wedding. Making a guest list, invitations and deciding on a menu can make you scratch your head.

The secret behind hosting a perfect baby shower is to plan. Setting up a checklist for the occasion can make throwing a baby shower exciting and stress-free.

Don't worry, we're here with all the Do’s and Don'ts to help you throw a perfect baby shower.

1. Start with Picking a Date 

Some families host the baby shower before the newborn’s arrival, while some parents like to wait until their baby arrives who will then be the guest of honour at the party.

Usually, pregnant moms favour having her shower when she is about eight months pregnant.

This gives her a lot of time to plan gifts for the shower and choose what she'll have to buy before the little one shows up.

2. Plan a Guest List