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11 Great Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Father’s Day is an important event in every family. That being said, with the holiday just around the corner, you need to find a way to celebrate as it should.

This person that has such an important role in your life needs to be properly thanked for. So, here are some gift ideas to offer them on their day, making them feel appreciated.

1. A Cooling Pint Glass

If your father likes to crack open a cold one after a long day, then you might want to consider getting him a cooling pint glass set. These can be safely thrown into the freezer to cool, allowing the beverage to remain cold for longer.

They are very often made from freeze-resistant glass, meaning that they will not crack under very low temperatures.

2. A Sofa Side Pocket

Does your dad spend a lot of time watching TV? In that case, you might want to get him a sofa side pocket for his essentials. There, he can keep his phone, remote control, and anything else he often needs to have around him.

Plus, this could be an indirect gift for you as well, particularly since he’ll no longer leave things around all over the room.

3. Buy a Father’s Day Cake

Everyone is happy when they get cake. Not only is it delicious, but it is also a symbol of appreciation. Plus, the thing about a Father's Day cake is that it can easily be enjoyed with the family. You can buy a simple cake, or you may get one in the shape of something that he likes.

The surprise on his face will still be priceless when you come up with that cake in your hands. You may also decide to make them one yourself if you have the skill but buying it instead from a pro baker will ensure it’s very tasty.

4. A Fishing Rod

Is your dad into fishing? In that case, you might want to consider getting him a fishing rod, perhaps something he’s wanted to get for a while. Bonus points if you also throw some bait in the mix.

Your dad will be overjoyed, not only because you got him something that he actually wanted, but also because you remembered his passion. This small thought often goes a long way.

5. A Customised Mug with a Message

Mugs will never go out of fashion as gifts, particularly if it’s a nice one. Choose a message that he likes. “Best Father in the World” is a standard choice, but if your father has a sense of humor and can appreciate the pun, come up with something quirky and funny.

Choose something you know he’ll like because this is what will bring a smile to his face every time he has a morning coffee.

6. An eBook Reader

Does your dad like to read a lot, but never has the space to actually store how many books he wants?

Perhaps he often reads stuff on his computer, but he ends up hurting his eyes instead? In that case, you might consider getting him an eReader, such as a Kindle. This way, he can browse through his library all day without tiring his eyes in the process.

7. Customised Face Socks

Do you feel like giving him some cozy socks, but don’t want to go for the classic kind? Turn this gift up a notch, and rather than just giving him a pair of socks with a standard pattern, give them a pair with his face on them.

There are many websites and even local shops where you may customize a pair of standard socks, and all you need is a clear picture of your dad’s face. Make sure to pick a funny picture, for extra effect; after all, the gift itself is meant to be of the humorous kind.

8. A Leather Wallet

Dads will always appreciate a well-made leather wallet. If you go for an engraved model, you might strike even more points for being the son or daughter of the year. You can have the wallet custom-made, or you can simply buy one from the shop.

Plus, if your dad is like most dads, probably his old wallet is already pretty run-down anyway.

9. A Bottle of His Favorite Fancy Drink

Is your dad a bourbon drinker? Maybe he likes to have a glass of whiskey on the rocks now and again. In that case, you might want to invest in a nice bottle of his favorite drink.

For example, a unique choice would be a bottle of scotch whiskey that is some 20 years old at least, with an aroma that is both very complex and rich. On your father’s special day, he should prepare the best for him.

10. A Nice Watch

If your father likes wearing watches, consider getting him a new watch. Look at the pieces that he currently owns. For example, if he already has a watch that he wears every day, consider getting him a watch that he can wear to a more formal event.

If he doesn’t want to change the watch, just get him a different band for the model itself, so that it may be worn on different occasions.

11. A Nice Aftershave or Perfume

Some dads prefer perfume, whereas others prefer aftershave. Depending on what the preferences of your father are, you might want to get him either or a set of both. Try to purchase something from a good brand, such as Armani, Dior, Chanel, or Hugo Boss.

Sure, they might be more expensive than regular shelf perfumes, but they smell classier and last longer. Plus, your father deserves it.

The Bottom Line

There are many things that you can get for Father’s Day; all you need to do is browse. Try to find out what he needs or what he might like, and then get that little something and wrap it nicely. Still, regardless of the gift, he will appreciate it because after all, it’s the thought that counts.


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