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15 Great Christmas Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

We are almost coming to the end of the year and we know what this means. Very soon, Christmas will be here.

And what’s Christmas without gifts?

When you see the joy of your parents, it makes all the planning worth it. Because let’s face it: buying the right gift takes a lot of time and preparation.

If you are planning to buy an amazing gift for your dad but have no idea where to start, here are a few suggestions for you.

1. A Whiskey Tasting Set

Is your dad a whiskey enthusiast?

Perhaps he’s one of those old souls that might enjoy a glass of fine whiskey here and again. In that case, you might want to get them a whiskey tasting set.

These sets don’t offer the full bottle of whiskey but several smaller samples that would offer one serving of whiskey. This way, your father won’t be bored with the taste, especially if it includes drinks from the finest distilleries.

2. Outdoor Pizza Oven

Does your dad spend all day outdoors, in the backyard? In that case, it’s probably safe to say that he’ll love getting an outdoor pizza oven.

Sure, the outdoor barbecue is nice, but how many dads can brag about the fact that they have an outdoor oven to make pizza? Not too many, which is why we are convinced he’ll love the idea.

3. Personalised Bar Mat

Every dad needs to have his bar mat at home, even if it is just for show. There are multiple shops that sell ones with personalised texts or you may simply buy one with some funky text.

It will give your dad a chance to show off the next time he calls one of his friends over.

4. Themed Cake

If your dad has a sweet tooth, you cannot go wrong with baking a Christmas cake for him.

Personalize that cake with something that he likes.

Maybe design a Christmas hat into it. Your dad will surely love it, not only for the creativity but also for the fact that you made him something that he would enjoy.

If your cake didn't turn out as expected, you can always fall back on our log cakes which comes in many flavours.

5. A Wristwatch

Every dad should have a wristwatch. The brand should not really matter, as long as it is a classy one. At this point, you might want to focus on comfort, as most dads go for things that sit most comfortably on them.

Leather wrist bands are most likely your best choice here, but you can be creative. With that in mind, focus on quality, and don’t be afraid to pay an extra buck for something nice. It’s Christmas, and after all, it’s your dad we are talking about.

6. Personalised Wallet

Does your dad have a football team that he loves? Or maybe he grew up watching Harry Potter and considers himself proud Ravenclaw. Maybe he is part of a club that has its own crest.

In that case, a personalised wallet might be one of your safest bets. Plus, aside from being something he’ll love, it will be an item he’ll constantly remember you by. After all, he will be carrying that wallet everywhere with him.

7. Socks

Yes, we know; socks are a classic. But who doesn’t love a nice pair of comfortable socks?

These are the kinds of gifts that are more appreciated the older you get. They’re even better if you get something with a funky message on them, or maybe even (purposely) mismatched socks.

Bacon and eggs socks would be cool for the breakfast lovers, with one sock having bacon on it and the other having eggs up.

Of course, the choice is all yours depending on your dad’s interests.

8. Hot Sauce Making Kit

Does your dad like pouring hot sauce on everything? In that case, you might want to go for a hot sauce making kit.

Several brands sell customisable hot sauce-making kits, packed with their own bottles and potential recipes. This way, whether your dad is a fan of chilli, curry, cayenne, or any other taste, they can easily mix up their own spices.

9. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss army knives are great to have, especially if you can get your hands on something high quality. These tools give you a solution for every situation from beer to wine bottle openers to knives, scissors, and many more.

Regardless of what their problem might be, they’ll have a helping tool right in their pocket. You might also want to personalize it with something nice and specific, such as a text or a symbol. “#1 Dad,” for instance, might work well in this case.

10. Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic wristbands have become a common gift nowadays for DIYers, carpenters, and other people who like to build stuff around the house.

As their name suggests, these wristbands have magnets in them. This way, your dad can get easy access to nails, screws, and bolts that he may use within a project.

11. Deep Tissue Massagers

Once you get past a certain age, you start feeling it in your muscles and your dad is probably well aware of it at this point.

A deep tissue massager can help him get rid of those annoying knots and painful spots on his body.

Choose a model with multiple attachments, so that different problem areas can be addressed.

12. Funny Personalised Mug

One can never have too many mugs especially if each of them has its own pattern or message. If your father has a good sense of humour, go for a mug that is guaranteed to pull a chuckle out of him whenever he drinks his morning cup of coffee.

You can try to be creative as well with the message; go for something that will pull at their heartstring. If you can’t think of a message, you can buy a mug that already has some funny text written on it.

13. Temperature Control Mugs

Temperature control mugs keep showing up on the market everywhere, and they’re a great choice for dads who are always complaining that their coffee is running cold.

You can buy them from multiple brands all over the world, all of them with their unique design and aspect. They may look like a regular coffee mug, but unlike it, this will make sure your dad’s drink stays at a certain temperature.

14. Knit A Sweater

The weather is getting colder and colder during the winter and your dad will probably trade polo shirts with knit sweaters.

You may go for a funny pattern or message, or you may go for an all-winter-round sweater. Needless to say, that sweater will keep him warm and cosy at all times, even as the temperature drops.

15. Beard Kit

Does your dad have a beard that he is proud of? Do you see him trimming and grooming it all the time? Then you might want to get him a good-quality beard kit.

The standard kits will have a beard wash, a conditioner or oil, and a brush but other tools might also be present. Your dad will certainly love it.

The Bottom Line

Time flies, and by the time you realize it, it’s already Christmas. So, make sure to get your dad an awesome gift in time so that you don’t get stuck in the holiday traffic. We hope our suggestions will help you find the right Christmas gift for your dad.


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