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15 Essential Tools You Need to Be a Good Home Baker

essential tools for baking

If you love to bake delicious goods, then you probably have your kitchen stocked with all kinds of tools. However, if you have just started baking, then there are certain tools that you might want to invest in. Getting the proper utensils from the very beginning will ensure that the right ingredients are turned into a delicious miracle rather than a kitchen disaster.

Here is what you will have to get:

1. Recipe Books

Okay, you might not necessarily bake with them but recipe books are very important to have in your kitchen as you are baking. The trick to baking is that you need to mix the right ingredients in the correct order and then bake everything at the proper temperature for a set amount of time.

It takes experience for you to “wing it,” which is why you will need some baking books to guide you through everything.

2. Whisk

When you are baking or making almost any kind of sweets in the kitchen, you can’t do without a whisk.

Are you making pancakes? You need a whisk.

Are you beating eggs for a cake? You need a whisk.

Are you making sauces, dressing, or whipped cream? You need a whisk. Y

You probably used a classic “mixing fork” to get everything nice and mixed but using a whisk will make matters so much easier for you.

4. Digital Scales

When you are baking, you might end up doing a lot of multitasking. Moreover, there are many distractions that might take you away from the task at hand – such as your kid asking for your undivided attention.

For baked goods to not get burned or undercooked, you might want to get a digital timer. Modern timers have more than one clock that you can set, making them a good choice if you are baking dough and making creams separately.

4.Digital Scales

A digital scale might be one of the most important things that a baker needs. Measurements are very important when it comes to baking and getting them wrong might end up in a cooking disaster. If the recipe asks for 150 grams of flour, then you’ll need 150 grams of flour – definitely not 200 grams.

Ideally, go for a digital scale with a tare function, as you may place a bowl and zero it away from the measurements.

5. Mixer

Sure, you have the whisk but sometimes that may not be enough. For some recipes, a whisk can be very tiresome and you may not get the effects that you want. Think about how much you’ll have to whisk at the egg whites in order to make them perfect for meringues.

A mixer will allow you to get everything nicely mixed and is a necessity for properly blended recipes.

If you are planning on baking the best chocolate cake for your family, don't attempt this feat without a good mixer in the kitchen.

6. Mixing Bowls

As a baker, you can’t just mix the ingredients in any other bowl. A cake mixing bowl should not be used for anything else other than the actual cake. Not for meat, not for sauces, etc. This is not just about hygiene, but regardless of how much you wash it, grease and odor can still seep out from the bowl.