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10 Chinese New Year Superstitions That We Still Practise

chinese new year superstitions

Chinese New Year is the time to visit family and friends in Singapore. It’s also the time for Chinese New Year superstitions and unspoken weird rules like not taking medicine.

It is the most celebrated festive event by Chinese people all around the world after the Mid-Autumn mooncake festival. If you’re thinking about sweeping away the dust on this New Year. Or if you’re planning on wearing black and white clothes at New Year’s Eve festival then read this list of the top 10 Chinese New Year superstitions to avoid bad luck.

Even if you don’t believe in Chinese New Year superstitions, there’s no harm in following customs that bring good luck.

1. Do Not Clean your House

You have got time on hand. Does this mean you should clean your house? NO. Chinese people believe that even touching cleaning supplies on, the first day of Chinese New Year brings bad luck. Cleaning the house during the Lunar New Year is a Chinese New Year taboo.

According to Chinese Folklore, cleaning a house on Chinese New Year’s Day is similar to cleaning your house of good luck and wealth. Not only you should avoid cleaning your house during the Chinese New Year, but washing hair and clothes is also forbidden. Make sure instead of sweeping away the dirt, you spend time with your family this coming year.

2. Spring Cleaning